Vaguely Escherian

Vaguely Escherian

Or should I call it Lines and Glass?

From the summer. Nothing much going on here in Kuwait as it is the work week now. I tried it in black and white but it wasn’t too interesting. Perhaps if I spent a lot of time on the black and white, but this version with colours over the top is fun. Reminds me vaguely of Escher


I took this photo of the birds in a pet store with the camera phone. A bit of a challenge as the birds move and the phone is very slow to focus, but as it is like most point and shoots with a small sensor you can easily get close for photos.


This is also my first post in the category “daily photo”. Let’s see if I can do this nearly daily. My next challenge is to get some photos to capture the spirit of Ramadan.

Olympic Oval

Olypic Oval Calgary, Alberta

I was at the University after a very valuable visit to the Running Injury Clinic and popped in to the oval for a few photos. It is a regular stop for the tourist groups. In the past I’ve skated on the oval a few times. It’s fun!

Vaction is started!

Nice view over greeland, but as I was cattle class I get an aisle seat and the plane was full so I could only peep out the small windows on the exits.

And I arrived in Calgary. I went out to Weaselhead to view the sunset over the mountains but there are too many trees blocking the view. So this one is a combination.