Well, at dinner a couple of nights ago in the company restaurant I noteiced that the little packets of butter are from Campina Buttergold B.V. from Tilburg, NL.

I always thought it was funny here in the Middle East that the butter comes from so far away. Though I recall places like New Zealand not Holland. But I guess if it comes in air freight, refrigerated?

And it says on the bottom of the little packet that it is best before about one year from manufacture date.

Yet another post on what I ate

No way. Too much, is that all I do, is that all I think of. No but it may be the most interesting.

I went to a little (two tables) Indian restaurant in Ahmadi Shopping center that I found out about when I first arrived as they are next to the place that did the passport photos that I got. You need dozens of them here whenever you get a pass or certificate for anything.

Well, they are from Kerala and they make the worlds best Lamb Curry, period. It is spicy and ecstatically good. I really shouldn’t enjoy it so much. So I had that with monster big fresh naans and water for KD 0.600 (600 fils). That’s less than $2.50 CAD.

And then there was some big KOC press conference at the Hubara Center which is the “officers mess” so instead of dinner for about KD 2 I had to go to Unity Center where I was yesterday for the safety workshop. And that dinner was less than KD 1. So today was a record in lunch and dinner costs.

Another boring post

So do I have anything interesting to say?

Well I went for dinner at the Al-Kout mall food court! There is a Thai “fast food” place there called Marina Thai along with the Burger King, Pizza Hut, Cinnabon, Tandoori Fast food and a Chinese place. I wanted to try the Thai food and actually it wasn’t too bad for KD 1.5. Does thinking you got value for your money make the food taste better?

An interesting experience, how flavors and smells bring back memories. I felt that I was transplanted back to two or three years ago in Shanghai when I went to a mall food court and had noodle soup. Must have been the spices and listening to too much Bruce Cockburn while driving. Check out his site and I think I’ll do a separate posting about him. The noodle soup in Shanghai was fresher of course. It was very interesting in Shanghai, they have a big stainless steel vessel of boiling water with a hole in the top. And they put all the noodles in a basket and immerse it in the water. And when it is nearly cooked they add the meat or fish and cook it, then toss it in a bowl with spices and halas it is ready. (Halas is actually Arabic 😉 meaning finished, done).

Nothing much interesting in the day at work. (Well actually it was interesting for me, but for you Dear Reader, not so interesting, about gas compression equipment) I got to work in West Kuwait at 7:00 a.m. after the 45 minute drive was there 5 minutes and got a phone call to come back for a meeting all the way back in Ahmadi at 8:00 at Unity Center. Unity Center was built in 1953! It was the first KOC Ahmadi employee club.

Tonight lazy, no gym, but now that Marcus and Katrina are back at Dive Caroline, diving again is planned for Thursday. Though it could be chilly, the water is rumored to be 16 degrees or so!

Tomorrow the gym. The problem here is the waistline of my pants keeps shrinking, even my belts are shrinking. Maybe it is the weather.


Tried a new restaurant, Lebanese on the water at the Al-Kout mall. Boy you pay a lot for the decor. But the food was nothing special.

My mouth is watering. Above we have, in clockwise order: a plate of kababs, hommos, a kabob sandwich, fresh pita bread and tabouleh. Photo from the Kabab-ji site.Kabob-ji is still is the best. They make fresh pita bread and that makes the day. Check out their web site, they have a neat Flash screen.

Vegetables in Kuwait

In response to the question. I am eating more and better vegetables here. Because of the large Asian and Arab population here and the location close to warm places there is a lot of fresh produce. In the markets there are fresh vegetables, fruit, dates and nuts etc. from India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, South Africa and imports from North America. Also some more cheese varietys typical to the region (read soft goat cheese). There is lots of Lebanese style food and sweets.

Oh and there were some very good African coffee blends at Starbucks during Ramadan also.

Food is not too expensive. If you go to the main hotels etc. it is very costly, but if you go to the ones that the non-westerand and non-Kuwaitis go to it is cheap. Imagine that the Asians here make from 5% to 30% say on average of what Western expats make.

I’ll put together a better listing and update this after the next shopping trip.

Yesterday I was in the market sampling some pistachios and a local in a dishdash (that is typical Arab local long white dress and head band) and said something. I said, “Pardon me?”. And he said, “These go great with beer“.