Thumb recovery

This blog needs a post now and again. So here’s one. I’m one week into wearing the brace. One more week to go and then a couple of weeks part time. It can’t go any faster.

This is my x-ray analysis.

This is my x-ray.

And this is the x-ray example on the Wikipedia page about Gamekeeper’s Thumb.

By James Heilman, MDOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The blue rubber band on the thumb is to hold the velcro on as it isn’t holding well as the material has stretched.

The sad part is no bicycling for a while. And, the bill just arrived, from Alberta Health Services. Rockyview General Hospital – Wrist Splint 1 @ $35.00.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet


Sorry folks, this just in, right before Valentines day.

Well maybe not. I was shocked to read about the quantities of pesticides used on imported flowers and the damage to the workers in Colombia from this.

So like most things. We, the consumers, hold the power to make change by not buying the toxic stuff!

But there are better alternatives, perhaps fair trade chocololate instead. Or there is not in Canada an emerging organic, fair trade flower industry.

Swine Flu Check


Note the nice brown sky. It is dusty here now.

On arrival in Kuwait you are given a card on the plane that you must take to a clinic within 72 hours to get checked if you have any symptoms. I went there with our Mandoup and they asked if I feel anything and I said no. They took the form and that was that. That was what I had to do as I arrived on Saturday. Sometimes they take the card at the airport while stamping your passport at the immigration desk and you don’t need to go to a clinic as happened to someone I know today.

If you are wondering where the clinic is click here to see it on a Google map.