My Portfolio

I’ve signed up for Zenfolio to store and distribute my images. No more messing around with software etc. You can even directly purchase prints from the site. They even have free music tracks to use with the slideshows.

Data Rot

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Will you children or grandchildren be able to see the photos you are taking now?

So every five or ten years, you should move it onto a different format, like from VHS tape to DVD. And that’s fine, but then DVD is already obsolete, there’s Blu-ray, and so what’s going to happen in another 10 years?

Making lots of backups is good advice, and on different formats, different places; consider paper as an archival medium. Some paper we have has lasted thousands of years. If Moses had gotten the Ten Commandments on a floppy disk, it would never have made it to today.

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