Ski Day 15 Castle Lookout towards Baker Creek

Skiing with Marja, too cold for photos! Look here on Skier Bob’s site for some.

We saw these two wolves a few kilometres onto the 1A Highway west of Banff. Not the best photos but they were a bit away from the car and didn’t hang out too long!




Total distance: 14.81 km
Max elevation: 1492 m
Min elevation: 1449 m
Total climbing: 304 m
Total descent: -307 m

Ski Day 14 Canmore Nordic Centre

A short and fast day on the trails. A bit chilly but sunny.

Total distance: 23.35 km
Max elevation: 1529 m
Min elevation: 1423 m
Total climbing: 527 m
Total descent: -524 m

Ski Day 13 Elk Pass

First day of 2016. Cool, with great tracks and lots of sunshine in Kananaskis.

Total distance: 25.22 km
Max elevation: 2001 m
Min elevation: 1691 m
Total climbing: 627 m
Total descent: -627 m

Ski Day 12 Canmore Nordic Centre

On the twelfth ski day of the season …

Total distance: 26.6 km
Max elevation: 1503 m
Min elevation: 1398 m
Total climbing: 683 m
Total descent: -684 m

Ski Day 11 Canmore Nordic Centre

I woke up very early so packed the gear and drove to Canmore. It was dark when I arrived and the moon was setting behind Mount Rundle.

Total distance: 25.47 km
Max elevation: 1560 m
Min elevation: 1400 m
Total climbing: 648 m
Total descent: -648 m

Ski Day 10 Canmore Nordic Centre

Snowing in Calgary in the morning for a White Christmas. About 3 cm at Canmore and -13 °C. Snowing lightly. Like it’s winter! We did a short ski to get home for Christmas preparations.

But please do drive carefully for the road conditions including black ice or just generally slipperiness!


Total distance: 15.73 km
Max elevation: 1503 m
Min elevation: 1390 m
Total climbing: 408 m
Total descent: -411 m