Art and Science

I listen to a many podcasts when I’m out and about and not listening to audio books. On the iPhone I use the application Overcast. It has built in audio processing called smart speed to dynamically remove silences in the podcasts. And I normally play the...

Diving Speeds of Birds

Amazing how fast birds can dive and maneuver. Aerodynamics at it finest. Peregrine falcon (above): 242 mph (or 390 km per hour) From Book of Joe

We Choose the Moon

In case anyone hasn’t heard, it is 40 years since the first lunar landing when I was a young boy. The site has the journey in real time. They are about 33 hours from landing now.

Natural Frequencies

This is cool from NPR Science Friday. What can I say? I like science. And in case you are interested in sports.

Asbestos warning on nanotubes

I figured something like this would come up. Carbon nanotubes, the poster child of the burgeoning nanotechnology industry, could trigger diseases similar to those caused by asbestos, a study suggests. BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | ‘Asbestos warning’ on...