Sarrayat Season is Starting

SARRAYAT (9thApril – 13 th May )

This is the season of sarrayat ( Local thunderstorms),they usually develop in the afternoon or during night and are occasionally accompanied with severe dust storms during which visibility may fall to zero. The resulted rain may be very heavy and usually occur during a few minutes (maximum intensity of 38.4 mm during 20 minutes was recorded on 4th April 1967 at Kuwait International Airport ). The south – easterly winds during this peroid become hot and humid . Air temperature is characterized by sudden changes and may drop to 10C within one minute . Temperatures from one day to another are changeble by particularly during the period 11th-30th April;they may rise to the summer mean level for a few days then drop to a noticable degree due to the influence of the north – westerly winds . Seabreeze is predominant during May, shifting the north -westerly winds of the morning to easterly in the afternoon, tremperature mean ranges between 30C at the beginning of this period and 40 C at the end .

Thunderstorms are likely to occur during the intervals : 8 th – 12th , 16th, 22nd, 26th, April and 7th – 10th May.

More on the climate on the KT Agrifood site.

And if you don’t believe it check out the weather forecast.

Autumn is Starting in Kuwait

The Kuwait Agriculture and Food Directory has some climate information. We seem to be right on track with their climate information which might mean we will get rain as in a normal year instead of none like the last two years.

(1 st Sep. 4thNov .)
Drop in temperature.Continuous humidity calm-winds .

Humid intervals continue to predominate during this period particularly during the intervals : 15 th – 29th September and from 12th – 26th October , No more (simoom ) .

winds prevail and heat starts decreasing rapidly after 11th September . Maximum temperature ranges between 42C at the beginning of this Period and 30 C at the end . Land and sea-breeze are remarkable and clouds start forming noticeably. It is noticable,that the weather is tiring if the winds are humid south – easterly mean -while It is mild if the winds are north westerly .

(5 th November -5th December )

Moderate in temperature-clouds and rain cold nights .

The hot season ends mostly on the 5th of November. Hot and humid south-easterly wind usually precede this date then it shifts to cold north- westerly winds accompanied with thunderstorms. The Mean maximum temperature is ranging between 20 -30C It is noteworthy south – easterly winds prevail for a week during this period Particularly at the beginning of November .

Then cold north – westerly winds prevail for nearly five days; and the clouds gradually dissipate . Later the warm south – easterly winds prevail again for nearly four days, and the clouds are sometimes thunderous, gradually cover the sky.Calm prevail winds are frequent especially at night

In other words, it has been very humid without too much wind. This weekend which is the beginning of November the wind is starting. We had a few drops of rain last week also.

Sandstorm Season Starts in Kuwait

As if it hasn’t started already. This is in the Kuwait Times today:

KUWAIT, June 5 (KUNA) — Al Bawareh sandstorm season started in Kuwait on Thursday, Meteorologist Adel Al-Saadoun told reporters here.
“The season, locally known as summer “Merbi’yania,” usually lasts for 40 days,” he noted.
“The storms are caused by fast northeastern winds that bring sand and dust from the desert areas.
“The winds are driven by the air depression over the Indian subcontinent which is known as “the Indian depression,” Al-Saadoun explained.
“The depression causes heavy rains across India and the nearby countries but brings nothing but sandstorm to Kuwait which suffered a generally dry winter this year.
“The dry seasons make land liable to desertification and are usually followed by suffocating sandstorms,” he added.

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