Dust Storm in Kuwait

20080215_DSC0372, originally uploaded by Mister Ian.

Very dusty yesterday, but it cleared up in the night.

20080215_DSC0368, originally uploaded by Mister Ian.

And it didn’t stop them from playing cricket on the beach!

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No place is perfect

Well nowhere is perfect as I posted previously about the driving. But there is always the weather to talks about also, and that can make you feel better about things. Here’s a weather forecast for Calgary from the best Calgary weather site wx.ca
Calgary weather

And here is the Kuwait weather from wunderground.com. I haven’t found a better forecast site yet for here.
Calgary weather

We need to buy some patio furniture now. The only thing is it will be in the way of where Surya plays basketball. Though I’d like to put something on the roof but then we’ll need a shade cover and also it can get quite windy up there, though that also will be nice in the hot weather as long as it doesn’t blow down whatever we may use for shade.

Diving today

Updated for Friday.

Nope. Too windy today. Yesterday fog today the wind. Oh well, gives me more time to work as I have too much work to finish before I leave for Canada in five days.

Thursday: Nope.

It was very foggy in the morning, meaning you couldn’t see more than 20 meters at times, so our planned departure of 10:00 a.m. was not done, and the dives for today were cancelled. Well, the fog didn’t burn off until about 1:00 p.m.

The thing is you can dive in the fog of course as it doesn’t get foggy underwater, except inside my mask 😉

But, if you come up and don’t come up next to the boat, how will they find you, out there waving your marker tube and blowing your little whistle?

Maybe tomorrow

Foggy Weather

Well, when I got up I saw it was foggy. And then when I went out the condensation on the front polished marble steps neary sent me for a very rough tumble. But I recovered.

Then after the dentist it was still foggy as I made it into the office by about 9:00 a.m. The visibility on the road was at times only 50 to 100 meters.

It is looking a bit greener in the desert. The natural desert does have a bit of grasses and now with the moisture some green is showing. The open desert is overgrazed by the sheep and camels. I saw a pretty big flock yesterday. But in the security areas where the grazing is not permitted that is where you see more of the grasses. Of course, not like a law, just patchy scrubby bunches.

Rain … again

It was overcast in the morning and this afternoon it rained. Fairly hard at times. Now it is cool, around 14 degrees and light rain.

The thing is, it doesn’t soak in. I think there is like fine clay in the sandy soil so the water stands on the surface. And generally there is no drainage in parking lots. Two days ago in the morning when it rained, I had to do a big contortion to get into the back of the car as I was parked in an 8 cm puddle!