Going diving

I’m heading diving on Friday. Thursday is preferred but this is the day it is planned by the dive center. It will be my first deep dive down to 30 meters. Stay tuned for new. We plan to go to Garo Island and do two fun dives then the deep one.

Keeping Busy

I am taking a Lifeguard course now! In part as it is necessary to get a Rescue Diver certification. The pool is at Dive Caroline. And the weather turned cold on the weekend, so tonight used a wetsuit and still was chilly! Mostly due to the wind.

Weather Change

Well, it for sure looks like the season is changing and is here to stay. Yesterday morning it was windy and cooler. You notice when it drops from around 40 to 30 degrees C. And today, it is staying the same range, around 30 deg C with wind. I never thought in my life...