House Hunting

It officially started today. I now have have an agent and went and looked at one today. It is 5 minutes from the beach. There is a large building between the house and the ocean. It is located in a good are with walking to a number of restaurants. It consists of two units in one building:

  1. The Ground Floor
    It has two massive sitting rooms, as they call them here plus a very large hallway. The kitchen is large with stone countertops. It needs a stove, fridge and modification if a dishwasher is added. You can put a small table in the area at the side of the kitchen, but not full size. There is a wrap around porch which doesn’t serve much. There are two bedrooms. Both fairly large. One potential is that one of the sitting rooms could be converted into a bedroom.
  2. Second and third floor
    The second floor has one sitting room and two bedrooms. The kitchen is small with not much room for storage or eating area. There is the third story with laundry room of adequate size and a maids room.

Going diving

I’m heading diving on Friday. Thursday is preferred but this is the day it is planned by the dive center.

It will be my first deep dive down to 30 meters. Stay tuned for new. We plan to go to Garo Island and do two fun dives then the deep one.