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We went out in the boat. The water had swells of up to about 1 meter. So the going was slow and the boat was ploughing up and down the swells. Dive Caroline has an older smaller boat and a larger newer boat. We went in the smaller boat, departing at 8:00 am. Then we got to Kubbar Island and tied off the boat to the anchor buoy.

Well, as it is near full moon and the tides are strong the current was strong and also the water was rolling the boat quite a bit side to side. Everyone started to gear up, but before long, someone was seasick over the side. This started a chain reaction through the people on the boat. Three of us got in the water and avoided the heaving boat.

One was the instructor and the other guy was doing hid advanced SCUBA search and recovery. He was to go down and find a weight belt on the bottom.

The instructor went away to plant the belt and told us to come to the front of the boat from the back in the water where we were hanging on to a line. So we went underwater and set a bearing to the front of the boat. Mistake. We came up further behind the boat than we started due to the current so had a good hard finning session to get back to the line trailing from the back of the boat.

Then the instructor was there and he said, you guys, you were supposed to go to the front of the boat and go directly down the anchor line so you would not get swept away. So we then went and did this. We descended to the bottom at 12.4 meters.

Well, the visibility was at best 2 meters and I held a thin line while the other guy went looking for the belt. After a few minutes the line went slack and I reeled it in. I didn’t know what happened and assumed he let go of it and surfaced. But it turned out that he had found the belt and was waiting by it and the instructor went to him and then came back to the anchor line on annother thin line that the instructor was using. He said it was very hard to find the belt working in the high current. I was certainly surprised that he was able to find it.

Then we uneventfully went up the line to the boat, and as everyone was so sick, we uneventfully packed up and went back to the marina. So it was one dive not two, now I’ve done ten dives.

Well, another day in paradise.


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