Another boring post

So do I have anything interesting to say?

Well I went for dinner at the Al-Kout mall food court! There is a Thai “fast food” place there called Marina Thai along with the Burger King, Pizza Hut, Cinnabon, Tandoori Fast food and a Chinese place. I wanted to try the Thai food and actually it wasn’t too bad for KD 1.5. Does thinking you got value for your money make the food taste better?

An interesting experience, how flavors and smells bring back memories. I felt that I was transplanted back to two or three years ago in Shanghai when I went to a mall food court and had noodle soup. Must have been the spices and listening to too much Bruce Cockburn while driving. Check out his site and I think I’ll do a separate posting about him. The noodle soup in Shanghai was fresher of course. It was very interesting in Shanghai, they have a big stainless steel vessel of boiling water with a hole in the top. And they put all the noodles in a basket and immerse it in the water. And when it is nearly cooked they add the meat or fish and cook it, then toss it in a bowl with spices and halas it is ready. (Halas is actually Arabic 😉 meaning finished, done).

Nothing much interesting in the day at work. (Well actually it was interesting for me, but for you Dear Reader, not so interesting, about gas compression equipment) I got to work in West Kuwait at 7:00 a.m. after the 45 minute drive was there 5 minutes and got a phone call to come back for a meeting all the way back in Ahmadi at 8:00 at Unity Center. Unity Center was built in 1953! It was the first KOC Ahmadi employee club.

Tonight lazy, no gym, but now that Marcus and Katrina are back at Dive Caroline, diving again is planned for Thursday. Though it could be chilly, the water is rumored to be 16 degrees or so!

Tomorrow the gym. The problem here is the waistline of my pants keeps shrinking, even my belts are shrinking. Maybe it is the weather.

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