Car Shopping

Time to look for a vehicle, buy or lease, new or used, not decided yet. Some people lease, some buy used. Let’s see… I was certainly ignored in the dealerships. I guess I don’t look wealthy enough.

Nissan Patrol From KD 10500 to KD 11100 KD

Nissan Armada KD 11150 to KD 11850
Nissan Murano KD10500
Nissan Altima KD5150
Toyota Prado 8 cylinder KD 17000 KD
6 cylinder KD 12000
Used Prada, 2004 model KD 7000
Used Vitarra I don’t like the Vitarras. They are thinly built, I guess you could say. And I’ve heard they are not lasting as long mechanically.

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