Near perfect dog free to a very good home

As implied by the postings on this blog to date we are moving to Kuwait where she won’t get the cool weather and exercise that she deserves.

Cleo is a Border Collie Lab cross.

We would like to give her away to a good family as it would be better for her in the temperate climate of Canada then in Kuwait with the heat.

She loves swimming and running after the ball. If you walk her and feed her and shes your pal.

She is very smart and trainable. She could do very well at flyball or maybe even agility.

Shes not one to play with other dogs but she would adapt to another as she gets along with my brothers male Golden Retriever once they figured out the pecking order.

Basically she tolerates other dogs, but they don’t throw the ball for her so they arent much use.

Shes very smart and doesnt bark unless someone is at the door where she will very enthusiastically greet them. She does a good recall and only needs more training to walk well on aleash.
She turns 3 years old, December 1 this year.
She is happiest on long walks in the off leash area chasing a ball or swimming in the river getting sticks.
We will give away to a good home. We are all moving to Kuwait for years and feel she would be much happier here with a good family. Kuwait gets over 50 deg C in the summer. She is good with children. She’s spayed, micro-chipped and very healthy.

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