Vegetables in Kuwait



In response to the question. I am eating more and better vegetables here. Because of the large Asian and Arab population here and the location close to warm places there is a lot of fresh produce. In the markets there are fresh vegetables, fruit, dates and nuts etc. from India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, South Africa and imports from North America. Also some more cheese varietys typical to the region (read soft goat cheese). There is lots of Lebanese style food and sweets.

Oh and there were some very good African coffee blends at Starbucks during Ramadan also.

Food is not too expensive. If you go to the main hotels etc. it is very costly, but if you go to the ones that the non-westerand and non-Kuwaitis go to it is cheap. Imagine that the Asians here make from 5% to 30% say on average of what Western expats make.

I’ll put together a better listing and update this after the next shopping trip.

Yesterday I was in the market sampling some pistachios and a local in a dishdash (that is typical Arab local long white dress and head band) and said something. I said, “Pardon me?”. And he said, “These go great with beer“.


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