Wednesday Evening Shopping

I made the trip to the city Wednesday evening, finally. It is about a 30 km drive.

I went in between the traffic. It gets thicker as you get near the city. Not too bad though.

It brought back memories. I went by the Sheraton where there is the complicated roundabout. I stayed at at the Sheraton while in Kuwait with Telvent. Then I drove onward to the City Center.

I arrived there and went into the car wash. I figured I should get a wash as the car was very dirty. It collects a lot of dust and I’ve only been cleaning the windows. The car wash is a large area for about 50 cars. I got Number 11 and went to the stall where they jacked it up and washed it underneath, inside and outside including vacuum and hand dry.

Then I went into the market. It was at the busy time buzzing with people, mostly Indians. They have a huge selection from appliances to vegetables. I didn’t make it to the vege section. It was too much and I’m not buying vegetables anyhow.

I did buy a cheap Chinese made electric hair clipper for the equivalent of about $12. Then this morning did a self-haircut.


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