Yet another post on what I ate

No way. Too much, is that all I do, is that all I think of. No but it may be the most interesting.

I went to a little (two tables) Indian restaurant in Ahmadi Shopping center that I found out about when I first arrived as they are next to the place that did the passport photos that I got. You need dozens of them here whenever you get a pass or certificate for anything.

Well, they are from Kerala and they make the worlds best Lamb Curry, period. It is spicy and ecstatically good. I really shouldn’t enjoy it so much. So I had that with monster big fresh naans and water for KD 0.600 (600 fils). That’s less than $2.50 CAD.

And then there was some big KOC press conference at the Hubara Center which is the “officers mess” so instead of dinner for about KD 2 I had to go to Unity Center where I was yesterday for the safety workshop. And that dinner was less than KD 1. So today was a record in lunch and dinner costs.

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