Dives 22 and 23 at Uraifjan



Not too impressive a profile. There were four of us on the boat. Instructor with a student and I was to dive with another person. But he didn’t check his gear assuming the dive center would pack his wet suit. Well, no wet suit for him so he didn’t dive.

So I went diving near the anchor line to just hang out near where they were doing their class. The visibility was very poor. More than a meter from the anchor line and you lose sight of it and there was also a current. So I practiced my frog kick at the bottom near the line, hovering at fixed depth, but lost sight of it at one point and then couldn’t find the line and came up. No problem not far from the boat and then back to the anchor line and down again for a bit.

One observation is how finning into the current just to stay stationary sucks down the tank of air at least twice as fast as normal!

Good thing I’ve been going to the gym! All that finning gives the legs a good workout. Lately I’ve been working out on the rowing machine and that seems to be more specific to the muscles used for finning.

This dive was more interesting. Actually fun! Though many people wouldn’t say it was fun. Three of us went around the reef to the wreck which is an old cement barge on the bottom about 7 meters down. Very strong current and 1 meter visibility but floating around, practicing my improved buoyancy control gained from time in the pool. All in all I enjoyed it and so did the others.


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