More on diving and reefs

Update: Check out some new ways to create reefs.

The Kuwait Dive Team which varies in membership and activity level has done many things particularly they have previously installed many mooring buoys. This is very important for the reefs. The placing of anchors from boats absolutely destroys the delicate coral which would take hundreds of years to regrow if ever. There are also companies that do reef balls like the Kuwait Reef Ball Company which I’ve not heard of until seeing their web site.

From this page on reef ball deployments:

“Scuba divers are the only group of humans on the planet that see, from day to day, the amount of destruction going on in our world’s oceans.”

In fact, I honestly now eat fish, particularly local fish with a different perspective. Now that I’ve been swimming with them and know that they are overfished, it seems different. Last month seeing an actual cuttlefish in the ocean for the first time changes my perspective of it in the Chinese restaurants. Wow, so many years eating cuttlefish and not knowing what it looks like.

Tide is important while diving. Very important as it makes the currents and changes the water depth here by up to two meters. You can go to EasyTide to get free tide predictions.

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  1. I am your father’s cousin which makes me your cousin too (1st cousin once removed!). He gave me this link in his Christmas card. Interested to read what you are up to. I’ve met your father once when he came over to England to collect his mother who was taken ill over here – many years ago now! I’ve three daughters, all bloggers, and I expect they will leave a comment too.

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