The new weeks starts – inane post

Well, not a bad day so far. 7 hours sleep. That’s OK.

And so cold here, I had to wear my down vest to take off the chill getting into the car, so cold at 12 degrees C.

And the drive was nice. Light traffic and no fog, nice sun behind my back, listening to Concierto de Araunjuez. It skips in a few spots due to the old CD player in the car, but a very nice disk.

It is fortuitous that the office is west of Kuwait City. It would be much more hazardous driving into the sun morning and afternoon!

Wore my new shoes today. The fancy ones. Only problem is it make my pants look a bit short!

Well, so comfortable with a thin leather sole and such soft leather. Fits like a glove. But at the end of the day, looking at the sole wear I don’t think they would last very long. At work walking on just a bit of gravel and the wear really shows.

I may as well wear them. I bought a new suit in Calgary last August (was it that long ago!) for here but the daily wear in the office in West Kuwait is fairly casual as it is an Operations Area. But mostly when I go to Main Office or other meetings I wear a dress shirt and often a tie.

And for all the latest news in Kuwait go to Kuwait Times

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