Back to Kuwait

Comfortable flights. The Frankfurt to Kuwait flight was on a newer style plane layout with pretty high tech seats.

I didn’t sleep on the first flight Calgary to Frankfurt, as I tried and couldn’t much. Usually I do lots on the first one. It may be due to my first movie choice and then the second.

The fist one was Lord of War about arms dealing and violence in Africa. A strong movie, it said a lot, particularly for Hollywood and probably didn’t help my attempt at sleep after the movie.

The second movie was again about Africa, The Constant Gardner, with Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weitz which just won some awards. It is a very good movie about the problems in Africa. There was an interesting line by the character Brandt about the drugs “donated” by the drug companies that are useless as they are over their shelf life and in the African heat are no good for long anyhow. “The safest thing to do with the expired drugs is incinerate them. The big pharmaceuticals are right up there with the arms dealers. This is how the world f’s Africa.

Then the reply is, “Blood on their hands.” And Brandt agrees, saying, “This is how they expediate their guilt, the pharmaceuticals, aid agencies, everybody. The whole machine is driven by guilt.”

Interesting link between the movies. And no wonder I didn’t sleep well.

So after arrival I had at midnight dinner and then slept in to 1:00 pm.

Then shopping for some basics and a washer and dryer.

Saturday is mattress purchase time.

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