First day back at work

Well, I got my new car, a white Caprice, sort of. Probably the permanent one will come in a few days, also a Caprice. This is also a new one. I put almost 200 km on it today with going to work and shopping. It rides nice and the 6 CD changer is nice for spending so much time in the car.

I did find the Ikea this evening and grabbed some little things. I don’t wan’t to get too much too early, or stuff we don’t need for the future.

The weather today is super windy and the sand was blowing across the road at times obscuring visibility.

It gave me a thought as I saw the sand blowing eroding the berms of sand beside the road and at the same time the green grass taking root and trying to grow over the berms.

There were two powers happening there, entropy and the power that makes everything grow.

And in another small world example, I met a person today who is from the Kootenays. That is in the middle of British Columbia, Canada. Obscure place but guess what. That is only a few miles from where we had some land that is now still in the family. This is the second person I’ve met from the area, the other person was from Nelson. They are both teachers here. As they say, small world!

Let’s hope the wind eases up for Sunday the big day of family arrival. 🙂

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