First longer shopping trip

We all squeezed into the car and went towards Ikea and also some car dealers. I always get confused on the directions as it is hard to navigate with the added responsiblity of passengers and also drive in the roads here.

And also I had forgotten to fill up the car with company provided gas on the way out of the office so by the time we got near Ikea with a car full we were running on fumes. I certainly didn’t want to run out. And so they had their lesson in finding out things. I pulled into a car wash and I told the kids well I first need to find someone who speaks English. Well kind of but they didn’t have a clue where the gas stations are. They are generally on the main freeways but I”ve never needed them so don’t know where they all are.

So we ended up at the big Al Ghanam and went in to look at furniture. And there we got our first purchase, a leather couch on for a good price of $399 KDs cash. Well cash was the issue as I’m backlogged with expenses that the company owes me, but fortunately the Bank of Montreal debit card worked. So the couch will be delivered shortly. Marja was impressed with the price, a three seater, two seater and single chair in full grain leather well built from Malaysia for equivalent of $1600 CAD. And it was the last day of spin to win. If you purchase over 250 KD you can spin the wheel for prizes. So we let lucky Sumati spin and won a 50 KD gift certificate valid only in the Al Ghanim furniture and acessories store. Then we went to the ubiquitous Starbucks for a small break to discuss plans and in that time discovered that they don’t do Tazo Chai here! So Marja had a tea with steamed milk.

Then we went into the adjacent Al Ghanim electronics section and looked at TVs etc. and finally bought a toaster. So now we’ve accumulated some heaters and a grill and a toaster.

Tomorrow we’ll go for the microwave and try to look at cars and a cell phone for Marja. We’re thinking used Suburban on credit.

And then on the way out I found an Oula service station very close by and put 2 KDs ($8 CAD) and got nearly half a tankfull or about 30 litres. That was even premium.

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