Mattress shopping

Shopping can be lots of work. Navigation is a challenge as the map doesn’t show all the streets. It took some driving around until we found the mattress shops we were looking for.

We were looking for 90 x 200 cm spring mattresses for kids. That is the Ikea size — the standard is 100 x 200 cm. Then we found the American Mattress shop where the clerk spoke no english only to see that they were too expensive about 120 KD each. But a couple of shops down they had good ones that were Kuwait made for 42 KD each so we bought three for delivery on Sunday. We also checked out a couple of rug shops. Anything reasonable is synthetic, from Turkey, China, Iran and Belgium!

Then we continued the journey to near the sixth ring road and the 60 to look at furniture and rugs. The rugs are about 70 KD for 2 x 3 size. I wasn’t ready to buy though. Then we popped into Sears nearby. It looked not very posh and we didn’t buy anything. There is a lot of clothes. They have some Craftsman tools though.

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