Shipment Arrival

Well, the shipment is here and for customs they need a copy of my Civil ID. Well in fact, you need to give a copy of it for almost anything here!

So I signed a declaration saying that the shipment does not contain:

  • Pornographic literature, videos, films and pictures (incl. Simple nudity of all kinds)
  • Alcoholic beverages (incl. Fine wines)
  • All narcotics and drugs. Importation of any narcotics (incl. Seemingly innocent dried poppy flower arrangements) can lead to very severe legal action and even long prison terms.
  • Firearms, ammunitions. Explosives and any weapon (incl. decorative items such as swords and draggers).
  • Products of Israeli origin / manufacture, or any items on Israeli blacklist.
  • Any items made out of ivory.

I phoned the shipping agent and asked what about the Israeli black list as I don’t know what is on the list. He said as long as no contraband. I don’t want to sign saying nothing on the blacklist if I’ve never seen it. One other list we saw said even things like regular music CDs are on the blacklist.

With CDs etc. he said that the Ministry of Communications examines them up to the discretion of the customs officer.

So, Thursday 8:30 a.m. I need to go to the airport cargo terminal and be there while customs inspects the shipment.

I’ll publish my experience of the inspection.

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