Sitting Discs

Update: I bought two of them and good thing. They are great and my wife has claimed one!

Sitting Discs
Looks like a good idea.

Easy to transport.

And it self inflates And can be a mini ball when fully inflated.

Only $35.95 CAD. Get yours now.

The most advanced and versatile sitting disc you have ever used!
The ProActive Disc will strengthen abdominal and back muscles plus
improve posture, balance and core stability – all while you sit!
It’s so comfortable and easy to use!

  • Great for air travel, or use in a car or bus, at school or work!
  • Lightweight and portable – easily rolls to fit into any briefcase
    or pack.
  • Self-inflating Therm-a-Rest® technology with easy adjust
  • Durable construction and superior craftsmanship allows the ProActive
    Disc to be used for balance exercises and stretches.
  • Portable seat for hiking or camping . Take it with you anywhere!
  • Helps insulate you from both hot and cold seating surfaces.
  • Highest quality fabric is both comfortable and washable.

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