Pakistanis rampage over cartoons

rioters in Peshawar

I agree with Musharraf what he says quoted below. The problem now is that what people think is freedom is just doing what you formerly were not allowed to do. Common sense is gone.

This world issue on the good side, if there is any, is that a very necessary dialogue has been put to the forefront in Europe and the rest of the world about how religion and freedom can coexist with the everpresent politics overshadowing it all.

In Islamabad, President Pervez Musharraf said newspapers that printed the cartoons were “oblivious” to the consequences for peace and harmony in the world.

“I don’t see how any civilised person can take the issue of freedom of press to hurt the feelings of such a large population of the world,” he told visiting journalists.

“Whether an extremist or a moderate or an ultra-moderate, we will condemn it.”

Here is the full article:
BBC NEWS | South Asia | Pakistanis rampage over cartoons






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  1. admin

    Yes they have held back by not posting pictures and the US Government said doing things to incite hatred is bad. That’s OK.

    The problem with the press is that they need to shock and sensationalize. If they were to show the beauty and positive aspeces of Islam and Muslims, nobody would by the newspapers.

  2. In the USA, the media has taken a moderate view by siding with the ‘freedom of press’ philosphers, but not touching the actual caricatures.

    Personally, I feel that the press might have gone a little bit too far too.

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