Driving stress

Today after work I decided to go shopping for the DVI cable for the new computer monitor. The district Hawali has the computer shops that have these more specialized cables.

So I started driving towards the area and after a few km realized that the shops probably wouldn’t be open when I arrived! But I decided to go anyhow to know the area. Sure enough they weren’t open.

One thing I did see lots of stupid driving. Wednesday afternoon end of the workweek.

First some person doing a typical move criss crossing the middle lane at 140 or so locked up the wheels, blue smoke and all, to avoid hitting someone. Then there was a guy on a partial chopper motorcycle splitting lanes about 130.

So I reached the shops and on the way back, well first there was a small traffic jam and a local in his big Marquis just went from his lane that ended into mine. I thought he would actually even look before doing this but no, just drove into the other lane without even looking. That was anticipation one of the day.

Then turning left to get from the Sixth Ring Road to the 30 Expressway I was in the inside lane behind a bus doing a U-Turn. U-Turns are common, no problem. But the bozo to my right nearly clipped me turning left from the second lane, which is allowed but in your own lane please. So it was a relief to get home. Everyone was driving way fast and stupid crossing lanes etc.

Good thing I had a quick espresso at Starbucks before this part of the drive to keep my reflexes on the razor’s edge. Though lots of the driving here in eyes in the back of the head, intuition and anticipation.


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