Kuwait National Day – On the Road

Kuwait Flag

This is two days of vacation here. The weather today was just about perfect. About 24 degrees C maximum and not a cloud in the sky with a little breeze to keep it comfortable. Here is an almost 360 degree panorama.
Click here for a larger version of the panorama. The blending is not great between the frames, but I don’t have the time now to fix it manually or with some additional software. Maybe later I’ll update it but no promises.
We went to the beach in the city and had avery nice picnic with friends here. The kids played in the sandy beach and also in the water and got very wet. So we had some spare blankets in the trunk to keep the seat reasonably clean and dry. Apparently on these two days you can go up Liberation Tower but we neither had the energy or the clean and dry kids to check it out.

Stay tuned for photos.

For now an interesting story.


On these two days, National Day and Independence Day, celebration is done. People drive slowly up and down Gulf Road hanging out of their cars waving flags and people on the side have spray cans of white snow. We got lightly sprayed. The trick is to say in the center lane so you don’t get sprayed so much. Police cars were at every intersection even on both corners.

So while stopped at the red light, diagonally across some kids were thickly spraying a car and it had the wipers on full to clear a thick film on the windshield.

Then a four wheel drive stopped at the light and got sprayed. Then the driver jumped out to chastise the kids and waves down a police car driving by. The police car stops and the sprayed driver gives him a hand shake then walks with him over to the kids and shortly later the driver gets back in his vehicle and drives off, with the police car that was near us following. What do you think they said? I think the cop probably told the guy to relax and not be so uptight and I think the other police car followed him to see that he didn’t get road rage if sprayed again.

I sure wish I had the video camera out for this!

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