No place is perfect

Well nowhere is perfect as I posted previously about the driving. But there is always the weather to talks about also, and that can make you feel better about things. Here’s a weather forecast for Calgary from the best Calgary weather site
Calgary weather

And here is the Kuwait weather from I haven’t found a better forecast site yet for here.
Calgary weather

We need to buy some patio furniture now. The only thing is it will be in the way of where Surya plays basketball. Though I’d like to put something on the roof but then we’ll need a shade cover and also it can get quite windy up there, though that also will be nice in the hot weather as long as it doesn’t blow down whatever we may use for shade.


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  1. The last statement is very true; always leave w/o feeling stuffed and then you are eating properly. truly that is biological feedback which some people find easier to do than others. We just signed the big 5 yr PMC contract with Parsons on Wed (my photo showed up in the local press – good or bad?) and so that is a weight off my shoulder. Has Romulo left yet?

  2. Well, interesting. Yes the training is more scientific these days, but still like crazy is required. Staying in shape is tough with being so busy. I think the other challenge is to always leave the table hungry so you don’t gain weight.

  3. true, it depends on one’s goals. I look at people now training like crazy for ultra endurance events and there is no hankering or even an interest on my part to do the same. nope, i am not going to be one of those 50 yrs old triathletes running in penticton. that is if i could. still i must get myself into better shape – right now it is just maintenance and that’s not as much fun as when you are fit.

  4. Well, I used to be tougher. I guess I had a mission. When your mission is just daily life it isn’t so much fun.

  5. Ian – you are getting soft: it’s only -25C – heck remember the times when you might still be taking that ski lift up cos there’s no one on the slopes when its that cold (ha ha)?

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