Blood Money

One of the janitors came by this morning into my office in shock with tears in his eyes. His expression of pure grief is something I will never forget.

My first thought was that he’d been fired but that didn’t really match his expression. But he said with his limited english that his son had been hit by a car.

The Bangladeshis that work here are paid very little. That is why at Eid we all gave a janitorial donation in the office and also why they do extra like cleaning the cars to make extra money.

So, he said his son was hit by a car and badly hurt in the legs. After speaking with someone else here for more details he needs the money for blood and I think also to pay for the public hostpital costs as he has no insurance at all. There are private hospitals that you pay for but from what I know even if you go to a Kuwai public hospital you pay, just much less. Unless you are a Kuwaiti, then you don’t pay at all.

I have a health card from KOC, in Arabic which says KOC insures me.

And apparently for bureaucratic and legal reasons here you admission from an accident in a crash is always first into the public hospital then if you need surgery or further treatment you have the option of going to a private facility.

In my case that would mean KOC’s Ahmadi hospital.

If I find out more I’ll post it.

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