Dives 26 and 27

Yaay, more diving. The weather was great. Went out to Kubbar Island. Dry suit again. The visibility was great first dive. Saw a cool nudibranch (Sea Slug).
This one is from the Red Sea but very similar to the one here.
The first dive was like two as we went back to the boat for more weights as one of the guys didn’t have enough. With the dry suit you need tons of weight. In my 3 mm wetsuit I use 9 kg and in the dry suit I need about 15 kg. So he got the extra 2 kg weight and while I was trying to put it on him (in his BCD pocket) I dropped it. First thought hope nobody is underneath. No problem there wasn’t. So I went down and actually found it quickly but not him, he’d aborted because all the up and down had bothered his ears. The pressure changes when diving are the most in the first ten meters. That is because the pressure doubles at 10 meters and then at 20 meters it is only 1.5 times etc.
So, the profile below is the rest of the first dive I did with the other person.

Finally, it was getting late, two of us went on the second dive. Some didn’t. Visibility wasn’t as good but still, in the water is always nice. Even with the dry suit and one good layer of fleece underneath, we felt the cold.

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