Soon more wheels in the family

Finally today we found the Kuwait Finance House, where in fact we had been previously on our own. We had trouble finding it this time because I didn’t remember tha the name of the place we were at was Kuwait Finance House and also our directions were not to the right street.

Anyhow we are getting a Chevrolet Trailblazer on a two year lease. It is a two wheel drive seven passenger with a V6, silver colour. They had a bit nicer looking twin vehicle, the Envoy in extended but this model of the Envoy is not available on a lease. So we were treated well there by the Egyptian sales person and should have the vehicle within a week. Then we all fit comfortably and safely with no squished complaints.

It isn’t what I originally was looking at. It is the KOC standard four wheel drive. I did try to get one as the company vehicle instead of the Caprice but can’t as I don’t have a clear job need for it.

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