Finally today we found the Kuwait Finance House, where in fact we had been previously on our own. We had trouble finding it this time because I didn’t remember tha the name of the place we were at was Kuwait Finance House and also our directions were not to the right street.

Anyhow we are getting a Chevrolet Trailblazer on a two year lease. It is a two wheel drive seven passenger with a V6, silver colour. They had a bit nicer looking twin vehicle, the Envoy in extended but this model of the Envoy is not available on a lease. So we were treated well there by the Egyptian sales person and should have the vehicle within a week. Then we all fit comfortably and safely with no squished complaints.

It isn’t what I originally was looking at. It is the KOC standard four wheel drive. I did try to get one as the company vehicle instead of the Caprice but can’t as I don’t have a clear job need for it.

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