Halting jet lag – timing is everything

From a link (which was the wrong one) in the International Herald Tribune:

As part of British Airways ongoing commitment to passengers’ well being, a new section has been developed on ba.com dedicated to Club World travel well being. At the helm of our sleep and well being insights are experts from British Airways Health Services and our ‘Doctor of Sleep’, Dr. Chris Idzikowski.

The information contained on the web site provides practical tips to help travellers get the most from a demanding international schedule.
It covers areas such as:

  • relaxation during your flight
  • overcoming jet lag when you reach your destination – including a ‘jet lag advisor’ tool which takes into account the time at home and where a person is travelling and calculates the times when a traveller should expose themselves to, or avoid light
  • information on the effects of caffeine, alcohol and medications when flying
  • understanding how your body clock works and the power of taking “naps”
  • the features of Club World and the Sleeper Service that enable customers to arrive ready for the day ahead

Find out more by visiting ba.com/arrive ready,or to use the jet lag advisor by visiting ba.com/jetlag.


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