Video Cameras

Canon Optura

Well, we used to have a Canon Optura. But it got stolen. Now we have a box full of Mini DV tapes but no way to look at them. I guess I should of put them all on DVDs but that was a lot of work 3 or 4 years ago, took a lot of time and the software wasn’t trivial. Generally the $99 software sold was junk. Now you can get Adobe Premiere Elements for about that and it is pretty impressive plus the computers and hard drives are up to it. Though you still need external storage.

So the issue now is what to get so the tapes don’t sit forever and become obsolete. There are cameras here in Kuwait. Some Panasonics which are rated well on but they are PAL Mini DV format and all our tapes stored are NTSC. And therefore not compatible as far as I know.


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