Beggars in Kuwait

Yesterday while at Gulf Bank getting some cash from the ATM there was a lady begging outside the bank. The bank was closed as it was about 4:30 pm and the banks don’t open until 7:00 pm or so. So she was sitting there all covered in black. You couldn’t see her eyes, face or hands, all covered. And she was muttering something in Arabic.

Then this morning in the Kuwait Times the local events section had a story:

In Kuwait on visit visa, Blind and handicapped Pakistani Beggar held

A blind and crippled Pakistani begging outside a mosque took worshippers and police alike by surprise, when on seeing police the ‘sightless’ man took immediate flight in full sight. Police at first hesitated on chasing him as they thought he was just handicapped, but when worshippers told him that he was blind too, went after him. During interrogation he confessed that he came to Kuwait on a visit visa and pretended to be blind and a cripple to beg for money. Police filed a case and referred the man to the relevant authorities.

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