Connectivity Frustration

Prohibited Access

I have been using Iconnecthere for Internet telephone. They provide and adapter that allows you to use a regular telephone over the Internet. It took me a while to get it setup as they did not pre-configure the adapter like they should of. Well anyhow the adapter was stolen last summer when we were away including a DVD player recorder and some old camera gear.

I tried to use Skype but they make it impossible to pay for Skype Out from here. Skype out lets you use Skype to call land lines. The Skype software is a zillion times better than the iConnecthere dialer.

There is so much Internet fraud that Skype won’t allow payments from here. They can tell by your IP address where you are. And if you use an anonymous proxy connection like Anonymizer Skype will also reject your payment. In a way you can’t blame them, as I’m sure stealing free phone calls on the net is a top scam that is tried.

And, you ask, why the Prohibited Access? That is because telephony is regulated here by the Kuwait Ministry of Communications they don’t want you to use Internet telephony. I think this is mostly to not allow the Asian Expats here to setup call centers. The local news often has stories of them busting up call centers.


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