India is Popularizing Ayurveda to draw tourists

Ancient Hindu healing draws beauty tourists –

Ayurveda, an ancient Hindu healing method, has seen a resurgence as India vies for a share of the lucrative Asian medical-tourism market by offering traditional massages and beauty treatments to wealthy tourists.

Well, really Ayurveda is not what they are popularizing. I have visited a classical Ayurveda School and spoken to an Australian there who was taking a 6 month course. A real Ayurvedic Physician has to study for at least four years. So, the Australian said there is no way that classical Ayurveda can work outside of India as many of the remedies have to come from the fresh plants and be freshly prepared according to the Ayurvedic principles. Personally though, I think Ayurveda works, just that it can’t be totally exported.






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