Fire in Mahaboula



This happened last week but I have a loaner phone and I wasn’t able to get the photos off the phone until today.

I was driving on the 212 towards the sea east of the Fahaheel expressway and stopped at the traffic light and saw these flames on the top floor of the building under construction. Then, to my shock I saw the person clinging to the top corner on the top floor.

My first thought was I don’t want to see this person fall and most certainly die from that height so I prayed that it wouldn’t happen.

The images aren’t great as is isn’t a very good camera phone. So it is a bit tricky to see the person.

In this photo he’s clinging to the edge.

And the fire truck with basket has arrived and is inching towards him.


Now the ladder truck is getter nearer and nearer. Also a person from a window in the floor below was trying to pass a ladder up to him. The wait was excruciating to see. Though it all happened in the time of one traffic light.


Finally this is where he’s horizontal into the basket.


And then the light turned green.


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