Travel Advisory for Teachers in Kuwait




I posted this this morning before reading the Arab Times which has a story on the front page today saying that she is now out of Kuwait.

Work – Travel Advisory for Kuwait and Kuwaiti Schools Also this update.

Here is another blog posting. Read the comments including:

Salam Kal,

Thank you for stopping by,

I spent 19 years in the Arabic region and 20 in the American, and I lived in few Arabic countries and in few American states.
I am talking out of my personal experience, I’m not trying to please anyone, and if I give an American compliment it is because I’m American.
Sayd Qutob once said: I went to the west and found Islam without Muslims, and came back and found Muslims without Islam.
Meaning, The ethics in America is highly promoted and followed by the general people, while in Arab countries is not.
I have dealt with Americans, general people and business people the majority are trust worthy and honest.
American people are the nicest people in the world; their only problem is that they are misguided by their News TV.

The voting issue has nothing to do with their ethics; Bush tricked the American people into voting for him by planting fear in them.

The destruction of Arab countries is run by Bush and his gang.
Americans are humans just like any other people, they do not want war.

I do not see why Kinzi (or anyone for that matter) should be liable for anybody else but herself.

“How come we always find excuses for the rich and powerful but never for our own kind.”
Not sure what ya mean here.



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