I took Savitri to her piano lesson and took a walk around the area with cameras and tripod to see what I could shoot.

It was just by the water and her lesson was from 4:15 to 5:00 so the light could be interesting. It was near the sea so I went first to the seaside.


The ball with the spike on top is for dispensing drinking water.

Then I looked around for more things to take pictures of.

Well I decided to get a bit abstract as the seascape wasn’t very interesting.

and also this here to show how I did the previous photo.

After this my camera was still set on manual etc. for this photo and I heard a car coming down the road making lots of noise. And I saw it bouncing up and down. It is one of those funny cars where they have adjustable shock absorbers to make the front bounce up and down even raising off the ground while driving. Let’s hope the they do the steering right.

I didn’t see any motorcycle wheelie or quad wheelies though one motorcycle did a wheelie when I arrived and was crossing the road to take the photos but of course the camera wasn’t ready.
car wheelie

Then after crossing the road I wandered about and took some photos. First of men laying tiles in a small shop.

Then of some buildings of varying colour and phase of construction.


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