American and British English spelling differences

We are doing projects on Gathering Centers in Kuwait for Kuwait Oil Company.

And I’m working here in Kuwait for AMEC with the majority of western coworkers from the UK.

So is it spelled Gathering Center or Gathering Centre. So with further research, I believe it will follow the British “re” from now on.

And then how do you spell meter? Or is it metre? Depends where you are from!

The difference relates only to root words; -er rather than -re is universal as a suffix for agentive (reader, winner) and comparative (louder, nicer) forms. One consequence is the British distinction of meter for a measuring instrument from metre for the unit of measurement. However, while poetic metre is often -re, pentameter, hexameter, etc. are always -er.

American and British English spelling differences – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

And then there are the Canadian differences also.

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