The video Microsoft doesn’t want you to see

Everybody likes to say how bad Vista is. But I think they may just not know how to use a computer! Yes, you need to be careful that you don’t bog it down with junkware like bloaty antivirus, anti this and anti that but my two month old HP laptop with Vista is OK. I keep thinking of a Mac laptop, but I don’t think the price differential for similar hardware will be worth it. Let’s see.

So far I’ve only had Vista crash to a blue screen about three times while using Microsoft Movie Mater. And the lesson there is when done with the movie making, to reboot. I’m not sure if it is even Movie Maker, it could be even Firefox with so many memory leaks. By the way, MS Movie Maker even works reading from the digital video camera and streaming the data to an external USB drive with no glitches. That’s a lot better than several years ago!

Anyhow, here’s a creative jab at Windows Vista which is quite funny:

Amber Mac: The video Microsoft doesn’t want you to see


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