Finally, arrival in Larnaca

Mea Culpa

Finally, I got closer  to where I thought the apartment should be and then stopped again at a betting place and they pointed me in the right direction to finally get to the apartment.

I drove to park behind the apartment and on a side street my conditionings after 30 years of driving on the right held and I swerved the wrong way when a car was coming turning onto the narrow two way street I was on. Fortunately the drivers in Cyprus are by and large not overly aggressive or fast. The hardest thing about driving on the left is intersections and side streets. Freeways and traffic circles are OK, though they all cut the across the lanes in the traffic circles.

So, I happily extracted my down pillow from its Eagle Creek compressor sack. These sacs are like huge zip log bags with a one way valve on the bottom. So you put the thing in and roll them up and all the air is pushed out making a pillow or other compressible item less than 1/4 the original size.

So sweet dreams with my own down pillow with no noisy air conditioning, and lots of clean, humid air.

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