Finding my place to stay in Larnaca





I finished the day at the dive center, then it was time to drive back to Larnaca and find the apartment where I was staying.

The drive is quite nice on a quiet new  two and three lane divided freeway and is only about 50 km driving at 100 km/hr.
I drove into Larnaca and was trying to use my fancy  telephone GPS but it doesn’t have very good maps of Larnaca. So I aimed east towards the sea and ended up finally by the marina and found Makarios road which is the last road to the east parallel with the sea.

Then I stopped and asked directions and the people were helpful even phoning for me on their mobiles to get better directions.
I wasn’t able to find my destination so I stopped the car on the side of the road by a shop sign that said no parking. I was standing next to the car looking out over the street to see if I could see where to go.

Then I saw a full size motorcycle coming towards me going the wrong way on the road. A large guy wearing a dark t-shirt and with some black pouches on his waist stopped by me and indicated aggressively that I couldn’t park there. I said I was merely stopping to look for an address.

Then moments later a black SUV pulled up and at least four men got out and came over to me aggressively saying where are you from, what do want. I said, I’m from Canada and I’m just looking for an address.  They were not being nice that’s for sure.

Well it had been a very long day for me. This was after flying to Cyprus the night before and not getting much rest. I was tired. So I got back in my car and moved on and they left.

So  did I get to meet the local mafia?

I have a photo of the business I discretely took a couple of days later but I will not post it as  I’m not risking libeling the mafia!!!


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