First full day in Cyprus



Arrived at Dive-Tek. It took a bit of searching as the place is set back from the road. But I enquired at another dive shop and they pointed the way. So the course started with the usual paperwork, looking at my dive certifications and dives I’ve done. There was some concern about how many deep dives I’ve done but the nature of diving in Kuwait does not allow many and I do all that I can. Well, no worries in the end.

So the classroom sessions went on for the morning and then in the afternoon we went out to dive. It is about a ten minute drive from the dive center to the dive site.


Diving at Cyclops


The people above are not diving with us. They are doing a shore dive. I didn’t bring the regular camera gear, this is taken with my phone camera. Yes that’s a boat pulling a parasail with a couple of tourists on it in the background.

The first dive to get the weighting right and get used to the tanks and carrying an extra tank for decompression on my side and for them to see if I’m any good at diving. The diving was easy, no currents or waves to speak of and 40 meter visibility. In fact the instructor told me I was diving too closely to him and I said I’m used to only a few meters visibility so I had to give more space.

There is not much to see only a few small fish. This is because they over fish and even fish with dynamite to get everything in the water.

The dive went OK despite it being quite a while since I’ve dove in my dry suit. On the dives I did my first valve drills. That is where you reach back and turn the valves on and off to the regulators to practice in case some day you have a leak or a free flowing regulator you can shut it down and isolate the tank so worst case you would only lose half your air, and you normally plan for such an incident. Safety first. Then it was time to drive back to Larnaca by the fast way on the freeway.


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