Saturday in Cyprus



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Life starts later in the day in Cyprus than Kuwait! But still I wake up early a little short on sleep.

It was another easy drive Protaras even though I took a wrong turn on the way, I made it on time, as everything is very close.

I only pulled out once on the wrong side of the road from a gas station. So I was surprised to see the oncoming car and moved quickly to the correct side of the road. It does help a bit to have the driver’s seat on the right, though in over a week I never could get used to looking in the rear view mirror that was to my left! Mentally computing this and the image in the mirror of what was behind me was too much to adapt to in a short period!
So driving takes focus and attention.

I had lunch at the Super S restaurant in Protaras, a 10 minute walk from the dive center. I recommend this place the owner is a local very friendly and their roasted chicken is very good. The lunch cost about 7 Euros.

Today’s dives were for practicing the skills and doing drills including taking on and off stage bottles, swimming without the mask along a line and holding my breathe with the mask off while swimming along the line. I found the swimming along the line with no mask very relaxing, I nearly fell asleep. But holding my breathe without a mask and swimming along a line is interesting, you get disoriented quickly if you have to swim along the line and turn corners which I tried as a more challenging exercise.

By the end of the diving I was tired having not done much diving recently.

So then we went back and I got ready for the diving on Sunday on the Zenobia. I was taking the tanks with me so I don’t have to re-setup my equipment for the other diving.

In the evening I purchased a local SIM card for my phone for 25 Euros which included 5 Euros of phone calls and went for a walk around the area after which we went for dinner to a nearby Chinese restaurant.


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