Street Snacks in Seoul



I walked around in the rain for a while taking photos and did this video of this sweet shop. The sweets are delicious! Photos to come. The sweets are stuffed with almonds — they also had peanut or almond filling — and the box says they are a “traditional court cake. Kkul Tarae (honey skein). A court cake made of ripened honey and malt, which was once presented to the king and valuable guests. It is brewed with the artisan spirit to make 16,000 strands suggesting the prayer for longevity, health, good fortune and wish fulfillment, It is not much sweet, not sticky to teeth, but enjoyable with various tastes according to garnishings. It can taste better with teas as it is cold and frosen.” There is a web link on the box:

A box of ten sweets cost 5000 South Korean Won or about $5. I ate four of them and probably could have done with two, but they are good. I’ll try to save them for later. Though like fresh Turkish Delight, it isn’t easy to stop eating them!

I’m not the first to write about this. See this YouTube video and this blog post.


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