Britsh Airways Kuwait to Calgary



The flights from Kuwait was about 70% full. I had an empty seat next to me so it wasn’t too bad. When the person in front of you reclines you have not much space to breathe. On the first flight the movies were fixed timings. On the second flight it was all on demand which means you can start and stop and even pause when you want. The food was OK, but for a long day of travelling you need to eat between flights. It is my old motto, never get on a plane hungry.

Both flights were BA so the transfer was via the new Heathrow Terminal 5. However, I was not overly impressed by the terminal. It is a bit of a maze of escalators getting off the plane so you need to take care of where you are headed. Then there was a short train ride from the B & C part of the terminal to the main A section of the terminal. Once arriving in A there was a 15 minute wait for the security. This was annoying. It seems like they designed the layout of the terminal before security became such an issue. So lining up with the crowd was organized but very congested. This was when the terminal was not very busy. In peak times it could be a mess, with a long line down the hallway. So if you go via T5 lookout.

Well on the way back to Kuwait I’ve got a 9 hour stopover, so I’ll probably just go into London for a few hours to do something.

At least in the waiting area there are many shops including a Pret a Manger which is in most of the Heathrow terminals. Their sandwiches are very good. Whole wheat and even with bacon if you crave such a flavour after coming out of the Middle East.

The flight London to Calgary was smooth. It left an hour late due to some cargo mixup but the flying time was an hour less. We had amazing views of Greenland. I’ve never seen it like that. The snow, huge glaciers, mountain valleys and cliffs descending to the frozen water.

And finally we arrived in Calgary after holding for about 20 minutes for a landing spot. Arrival through customs was fast and then it was out to the parking lot in the -12 degree weather.


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