Minor Injury

Stitches in Hand

She went first to the International Clinic which we are familiar with but they don’t do stitches. Then she went home. The next choice was to go to Ahmadi Hospital as it is covered and there is no up front payment to get reimbursed by insurance. But we figured enough time had gone by so the nearest hospital only five minutes away is London Hospital and they are a full hospital. So she went there but they are not set up for this kind of thing! She had it arrange but ended up going into the operating theatre for this minor repair!

Details of Stitches in Hand

This was from using an old broom with a metal handle covered in plastic. The metal was rusted under the plastic coating and broke exposing the jagged edge and making the cut. Fortunately the cut sewed together well. And, yes, she’s up to date with her tetanus shot.


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